Happy New Year…. with layers and masks on my photographs in photoshop.

Happy New Year

So is another year to end.Seen in the signs of creativity, how has it gone?I have done a little, photographed in RL, shot in Sl, built 3d models in Blender followed lessons in SL by  Graham and Rottie, started following lessons in CC cookie, and lately

 I have worked a little more in photoshop. You can see the result on this page. So little I have made, but not as much as I wish.

My professional life (and I'm grateful that I have one) takes a lot of my time and energy. Also sometimes too much. That means that I can´t  spend so much time on my hobbies that I can become really good. But I use my pursuits to shut down for the busy day,  and I'm sure that because I have these interests and challenges, it helps to ensure I'm not affected by stress. All worries are forgotten when I work with images or 3D.

The goal for 2018? Hmmm .. just having the opportunity to work on the things I'm doing, get even better by using Blender and photoshop. Be even better to take excellent photographs. Maybe still try to combine it with Sl or perhaps find other virtual platforms

In any case, thanks to those who have been by my website and I wish all of you  a Happy New Year

Curiosity and Creativity