Time and emotions

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Just got a book by a fellow named "Time" (written by Ulrik Uggershoej, DK, physicist to Aarhus University)
He begins his book by quoting from a popular children's broadcast "Kaj and Andrea." In the show says Kaj (a frog) .. that "time is something strange " ..They sing a children's song, and follow it with, "Yes: Here you had 2 minutes."
The author delves into the concept of time and mentions among others, Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. I must avoid messing myself into too much of it, but the point is, than we often experience time very differently.

We all know that one minute can seem like a split second or less, or it may perceive as longer than an hour. At least it is, in my view, a long time since I've written here.. or I can see at the date that's been a few weeks. The weeks or days as the weeks comprises of, has flown away for me. And I have not felt that I had time to write here. Or ..probably it is just a question of priorities.
I have spent some time practicing, even more, to take photos in Second Life.
Just as we experience time very differently, the images also will bee interpreted differently. I try to get an expression, a feeling, a story up in my pictures. The emotions, the narrative, expressed in a whole through the motive, colors and the header of the picture. Or that's at least what I'm trying to get ahead. Then you decide whether you think it succeeded. 🙂

Here are some examples:






                  Untamed glamour 


A fallen angel...or will the wings save her ? 

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