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Washerwomen At Roubine Du Roi Paul Gauguin 1888

What is this?

In the group Dreams in Second Life, there are many activities. Unfortunately, (for me) is most suited US time, so much of it, I can´t be involved. But in between, there are building competitions that take place over several days (weeks), and then a European also can contribute. The theme of this month was to choose a 2D image from RL and then build it up (with primarily prims) in 3D. We could use 110 prims / LI.The picture we had to choose might be anything, a theme from a fairy tale, from a famous artist, a cartoon or picture from RL.

I had first selected an image from the Swedish archipelago
but when I was half finished, I had already spent too many prims (apparently). So… I deleted it all over again, and found a picture of Paul Gauguin (you see it above) .... read on: