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Photo contests_01

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I have no ambitions to become a model in Second Life, but I want to be good at taking pictures, I can use subsequent with my RL photos.

Therefore, I have at the beginning of this year, signed up some photo contests in Second Life, and have thought about signing up for more. The intent is to be good to put the light, controlling the camera, and find the right positions for the model (me :))

Right now I have sent pictures to Ghee Photo contest, and to Kultivate Magazine photo challenge. And I assure you; it is a challenge. At least for me. It's hard to get light, position and camera angles to move up to a higher level.
But fun it is, and fortunately, I experience it will be easier.
But imagine spending a whole evening to take a single picture, and yet not be complete satisfied? 🙂 Well, then there is motivation to try to do it better the next night.

Here are a few examples of the images that have become right now 🙂     

My gallery in Second Life

In Second Life, I have built a small gallery where I exhibit some of my pictures and photos. There are also some pictures of the buildings that I had built when I participated in competitions with Build Off World.       (click at the image to get the destination coordinates) 

Why do I have a gallery in SL?     (click at the image to get the destination coordinates) 

Well, there are several reasons. First, I have created the gallery myself.  To build in 3D was unknown to me a few years ago.  My brain is severely challenged when I have to think in 3D on a 2D platform. And brains tend to develop by challenges.

Next, it's great to understand the art of giving the buildings or all shapes 3D texture. With a good texture you can get even a mediocre building to seem fantastic, and vice versa, even an amazing building, can occur horrid with the wrong textures. I still have lots to learn there.

For me, the Second Life is a hobby, a sanctuary for today's bustle. Here, I can forget the hustle and bustle and relax by challenging my little creative abilities. The same is true when photographing, and subsequent work with my images in Photoshop and Second Life.

Currently, I try also to learn how to shoot in Second Life. There are several photo -tools built in the different viewers.
And you can also invest in various instruments to improve the lighting.

My small contribution to creativity, you are very welcome to come and visit 🙂 And if you are prevented, there is a small section of my gallery images here:     (click at the image)

 You can also see some of my creations on Flickr. There are links in the sidemenu.

A lazy day

Best wishes for a happy year 2017

A day to repair hangovers and lack of sleep after New Year's evening and night with friends. What is more relaxing than watching "Bears from Alaska" on television and work in photoshop with some of the last year's pictures. I have worked with about 20 different layers, blending, brushes, and coloring.
Three images I made today: "Guidelines for the New Year, "Entering the New Year," and "Sailing in the early morning "
With these three pictures, I wish you all a happy year  2017

Click at the little image to watch the images.


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Today I went up early and saw this beautiful morning sky.

The photo is taken with my Canon zoom lens 75-300, and just with the automatic landscape program.

We have had a lot of beautiful sunrises and sunsets in December.

I think I never will get tired of photos with those spectacular colors.

I have uploaded few more photos on the landscape site . Click at the small photo 

To be creative

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In my childhood and youth, I have been a voracious reader. I lost myself in other worlds and read not only about the lives of others, but I was a part of their lives.  In my mind, I saw the other world, the colors, the environments, could sense smells and odors, and my fantasy led me to further experiences.
A bit the same experience and feeling I get when I move around in SL. Each new spot you run into, each new avatar you meet, then there is a new world, a new reality to explore.
To wander off into other worlds, I also experience when photographing and working with my pictures subsequently in photoshop, or when I lose myself in Blender and try to create new things.
I am not particularly talented, and I have no education in the creative world. But I experience much joy by being better to express the shapes and colors there are in my head.
Can people achieve happiness by experiencing some of my stuff it will be a pleasure.

Happy New Year 2017

HAPPY New Year 2017

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Welcome to my blog.
I will soon be back and write small articles about my challenges to have time to be creative in different ways.
Mainly by building in 3D using the free software Blender, by creating and decorating in Second Life, by photographing in my first life, and create different images using Photoshop tools.
This blog is mainly a diary of my activities and thoughts. Should anyone accidentally find it and be inspired, yes it would be fun 🙂