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Dandelions- and drops

Then suddenly it is autumn - with clear blue skies and sunshine .... and sometimes  windy weather, clouds and dark mornings.

I still try to be outside as much as possible, as it is especially there, I can gather energy for the dark of the coming winter.

Rainy weather does not have to be bad weather. Rainy rain, or just after a rainforest, it's perfect for hunting drops and finding new worlds in the macro universe.

I had for a long time planned I would learn to photograph drops in dandelions .. but thought I had to wait for next year.

But the other day, when I was just going on a quick little walk, there were four dandelions. , Back after the camera, then hours went on to photograph dandelions and drops from many different angles. Here are a few examples ... more coming over time. 


Macro photographs

Then the summer break is over. It´s a typical day again, and it's time to partly work, partly to soften life with a little creativity.
It's been a long time since I've had a chance to photograph, so I took both my DSLR camera and my iPhone camera with me on vacation. I did not get photographed as much as I wish, but a few shots were made.
Flowers have always fascinated me, so here are some macro pictures of some of the flowers I saw on vacation.

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