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A Definition of sensuality: The enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual pleasure.

I try to express sensuality in my photos/pic. The soft, refined, sensual sexuality that is far from porn and more direct expression of sex. The form that is appealing to the senses and wakes them up.
I'm trying to stick to monochrome photos (although some photos sneak into colors). But most of the time, I think the monochrome is better for expressing moods and emotions.

You can see more of my photos here : 

I have moved to a new place in Second Life where my gallery is .. and have changed my logo in the same way. Come and have a look at the pictures there   



The seven sins

Lust  (click on the photo to get a larger version)

In many years I have thought about to do something creative with the theme "The seven sins."
So now, when I practice photography in Second Life, here was an opportunity to make some photos with my avatar, and try to express "The Seven Sins.
It took time 🙂 Each final photo has cost me 1-2 evenings in Second Life, many many pictures, and 1-2 nights and lots of layers in Photoshop.
I´m quite happy with the result. Some pictures I´m more happy with than others, but all in all, I think it works.
Here are my photos:

Time and emotions

When the mind is free.... ( touch to get a larger version) 


Just got a book by a fellow named "Time" (written by Ulrik Uggershoej, DK, physicist to Aarhus University)
He begins his book by quoting from a popular children's broadcast "Kaj and Andrea." In the show says Kaj (a frog) .. that "time is something strange " ..They sing a children's song,  and follow it with, "Yes: Here you had 2 minutes."
The author delves into the concept of time and mentions among others,  Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. I must avoid messing myself into too much of it, but the point is, than we often experience time  very differently.

We all know that one minute can seem like a split second or less, or it may perceive as longer than an hour.  At least it is, in my view, a long time since I've written here.. or I can see at the date that's been a few weeks. The weeks or days as the weeks comprises of, has flown away for me. And I have not felt that I had time to write here. Or ..probably it is just a question of priorities.
I have spent some time practicing, even more, to take photos in Second Life.
Just as we experience time very differently, the images also will bee interpreted differently. I try to get an expression, a feeling, a story up in my pictures. The emotions, the narrative, expressed in a whole through the motive, colors and the header of the picture. Or that's at least what I'm trying to get ahead. Then you decide whether you think it succeeded. 🙂 

Here are some examples:

Experiment with photography in second life

These dark winter evenings (in RL), where I come home, tired after a long day's work, there is nothing so relaxing, and the best escape from reality, as to experiment with photography in second life.
I try different styles. I love landscapes in second life and will eventually probably walk around and find beautiful spots to photograph.
But right now I do have a focus on my avatar. I would like more than just take pictures of my avatar in different places and different environments. I practice capturing a certain mood, a particular expression, a feeling.
I haven´t found my style jet, and I´m still not satisfied with my work.
But (laugh) maybe that´s the energy and drive that keep me going on.
I have posted several of my photos here:

Photo contests_01

                       Click at the image to get a larger version 

I have no ambitions to become a model in Second Life, but I want to be good at taking pictures, I can use subsequent with my RL photos.

Therefore, I have at the beginning of this year, signed up some photo contests in Second Life, and have thought about signing up for more. The intent is to be good to put the light, controlling the camera, and find the right positions for the model (me :))

Right now I have sent pictures to Ghee Photo contest, and to Kultivate Magazine photo challenge. And I assure you; it is a challenge. At least for me. It's hard to get light, position and camera angles to move up to a higher level.
But fun it is, and fortunately, I experience it will be easier.
But imagine spending a whole evening to take a single picture, and yet not be complete satisfied? 🙂 Well, then there is motivation to try to do it better the next night.

Here are a few examples of the images that have become right now 🙂     

My gallery in Second Life

In Second Life, I have built a small gallery where I exhibit some of my pictures and photos. There are also some pictures of the buildings that I had built when I participated in competitions with Build Off World.       (click at the image to get the destination coordinates) 

Why do I have a gallery in SL?     (click at the image to get the destination coordinates) 

Well, there are several reasons. First, I have created the gallery myself.  To build in 3D was unknown to me a few years ago.  My brain is severely challenged when I have to think in 3D on a 2D platform. And brains tend to develop by challenges.

Next, it's great to understand the art of giving the buildings or all shapes 3D texture. With a good texture you can get even a mediocre building to seem fantastic, and vice versa, even an amazing building, can occur horrid with the wrong textures. I still have lots to learn there.

For me, the Second Life is a hobby, a sanctuary for today's bustle. Here, I can forget the hustle and bustle and relax by challenging my little creative abilities. The same is true when photographing, and subsequent work with my images in Photoshop and Second Life.

Currently, I try also to learn how to shoot in Second Life. There are several photo -tools built in the different viewers.
And you can also invest in various instruments to improve the lighting.

My small contribution to creativity, you are very welcome to come and visit 🙂 And if you are prevented, there is a small section of my gallery images here:     (click at the image)

 You can also see some of my creations on Flickr. There are links in the sidemenu.