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To be creative

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In my childhood and youth, I have been a voracious reader. I lost myself in other worlds and read not only about the lives of others, but I was a part of their lives.  In my mind, I saw the other world, the colors, the environments, could sense smells and odors, and my fantasy led me to further experiences.
A bit the same experience and feeling I get when I move around in SL. Each new spot you run into, each new avatar you meet, then there is a new world, a new reality to explore.
To wander off into other worlds, I also experience when photographing and working with my pictures subsequently in photoshop, or when I lose myself in Blender and try to create new things.
I am not particularly talented, and I have no education in the creative world. But I experience much joy by being better to express the shapes and colors there are in my head.
Can people achieve happiness by experiencing some of my stuff it will be a pleasure.

Happy New Year 2017

HAPPY New Year 2017

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Welcome to my blog.
I will soon be back and write small articles about my challenges to have time to be creative in different ways.
Mainly by building in 3D using the free software Blender, by creating and decorating in Second Life, by photographing in my first life, and create different images using Photoshop tools.
This blog is mainly a diary of my activities and thoughts. Should anyone accidentally find it and be inspired, yes it would be fun ūüôā