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Washerwomen At Roubine Du Roi Paul Gauguin 1888

What is this?

In the group Dreams in Second Life, there are many activities. Unfortunately, (for me) is most suited US time, so much of it, I can´t be involved. But in between, there are building competitions that take place over several days (weeks), and then a European also can contribute. The theme of this month was to choose a 2D image from RL and then build it up (with primarily prims) in 3D. We could use 110 prims / LI.The picture we had to choose might be anything, a theme from a fairy tale, from a famous artist, a cartoon or picture from RL.

I had first selected an image from the Swedish archipelago
but when I was half finished, I had already spent too many prims (apparently). So… I deleted it all over again, and found a picture of Paul Gauguin (you see it above) .... read on:

The seven sins

Lust  (click on the photo to get a larger version)

In many years I have thought about to do something creative with the theme "The seven sins."
So now, when I practice photography in Second Life, here was an opportunity to make some photos with my avatar, and try to express "The Seven Sins.
It took time 🙂 Each final photo has cost me 1-2 evenings in Second Life, many many pictures, and 1-2 nights and lots of layers in Photoshop.
I´m quite happy with the result. Some pictures I´m more happy with than others, but all in all, I think it works.
Here are my photos:

3D building _04: Collage and falling water

The music og nature ( click at the photo to get a larger version) 


There is a reason why I am not a fashion blogger 🙂
It has been a busy month both in my RL and in my more creative life in the virtual world.
I have participated in two building competitions.

One in the group  B.A.D .where you can build with sculpts and prims. Here was the subject "Collage". I won a second prize --the supposed something with nature's music.
You can see collagen above.:) 

In the Building Group BOW is Rottin back after a long break. He has kept a lesson in architecture from the theme Fallingwater- house.

Fallingwater is a house built between 1936 and 1939 of a waterfall in southwest Pennsylvania. Frank Lloyd Wright, America's most famous architect, designed the house for his clients, the Kaufmann family. It instantly became famous, and today it is a National Historic Landmark.

        The real Fallingwater house 

We had  14 days to construct a house inspired by this house. Either try to imitate it or at least to be inspired. Waterfall under the house had Rottin listed for all of us on the building platform.  We can build in prims, sculpts or in the mesh.

It was a tough task. It is a complicated house, and it was not easy to read the blueprints. But in all circumstances: A fun challenge and about 12 -14 in world builders participated in the competition. Here is my humble contribution.

Click at the photo to get a larger version 

I know not yet the result of the competition, and, in fact, it is not so important to win. Now I have at least got a chance to replace my current home in SL 🙂

Time and emotions

When the mind is free.... ( touch to get a larger version) 


Just got a book by a fellow named "Time" (written by Ulrik Uggershoej, DK, physicist to Aarhus University)
He begins his book by quoting from a popular children's broadcast "Kaj and Andrea." In the show says Kaj (a frog) .. that "time is something strange " ..They sing a children's song,  and follow it with, "Yes: Here you had 2 minutes."
The author delves into the concept of time and mentions among others,  Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. I must avoid messing myself into too much of it, but the point is, than we often experience time  very differently.

We all know that one minute can seem like a split second or less, or it may perceive as longer than an hour.  At least it is, in my view, a long time since I've written here.. or I can see at the date that's been a few weeks. The weeks or days as the weeks comprises of, has flown away for me. And I have not felt that I had time to write here. Or ..probably it is just a question of priorities.
I have spent some time practicing, even more, to take photos in Second Life.
Just as we experience time very differently, the images also will bee interpreted differently. I try to get an expression, a feeling, a story up in my pictures. The emotions, the narrative, expressed in a whole through the motive, colors and the header of the picture. Or that's at least what I'm trying to get ahead. Then you decide whether you think it succeeded. 🙂 

Here are some examples:

Mesh head and body

So I did it. I invested in a mesh head, and few hours after also a mesh body.

Long ago I switched hands and feet of my classic avatar to Slink mesh hands and feet.
I have long time considered whether I should get a mesh head or not. But when Bento was current, and several options to use facial expressions,it became even more attractive. But it's still lots of Linden to spent, so I hesitated.

But since I started photographing my avatar to learn how to use the camera, I've got more desire to decorate her with make-up and tattoos. And frankly, the add-ons to mesh heads are awesome.
Sooo .... I decided to buy a Catwa head. I got it installed, and I also supplemented it with few add-ons. But ... suddenly, .. yes, I thought that I could just as well jump right  into it and switch to a Slink mesh body too.

And what a difference. Better shape, better skin, and my body suits my hands and feet perfectly.
I'm glad I have a Catwa head, but there is a little bit of challenge to get the texture of the neck to be in the same tone as the body. I found some tools to fix it..but I´m still not quite satisfied with the result, so I´m still working on it. 

Now wait a lot of work ahead of selecting the clothes I want to keep and bring Slink addons. But also a lot of fun to adjust my avatar, and give her the personal look I want, so she reflects my personality 🙂


Experiment with photography in second life

These dark winter evenings (in RL), where I come home, tired after a long day's work, there is nothing so relaxing, and the best escape from reality, as to experiment with photography in second life.
I try different styles. I love landscapes in second life and will eventually probably walk around and find beautiful spots to photograph.
But right now I do have a focus on my avatar. I would like more than just take pictures of my avatar in different places and different environments. I practice capturing a certain mood, a particular expression, a feeling.
I haven´t found my style jet, and I´m still not satisfied with my work.
But (laugh) maybe that´s the energy and drive that keep me going on.
I have posted several of my photos here:

3D building _03

WOW! So many amazing buildings in the contest "Everything ice " in the group "Building Artistic dream B.A.D."
The three winner buildings you can see in the post.

Around 10-12 builders gave their contribution to the competition. And it was very difficult to choose the favorites. But to be honest, the three builders who become the winners, were also for those I voted
I am very impressed. There is so much I have to learn yet. (fortunately)
It seems to be an excellent building group with a courteous and friendly atmosphere. There has been no time to be extremely social, but maybe next time. 🙂 There is a new theme every now I'm very excited about what comes next.

Click at the photo to get a larger version 

Click at the photo to get a larger version 

3D building _02

Click at the image to get a larger version 

I have just been introduced to another group of builders in Second Life
Here it is allowed to build with prims and sculpt maps.

It is a great challenge for me because I until now almost exclusively have built in mesh.  But a significant chance to learn to torture prims 🙂

The group is named Building Artistic dream B.A.D
As far as I understand, there is a competition with different themes, about once a month. The purpose is mainly to develop your creativity and having fun.

This month's theme is "Everything with ice" .. ice -castles, sculptures, etc.
My humble contribution is in the photo above. In the end of the competition , I will post some more pictures.
Visit the place and take a look at some amazing buildings:

3D-building _01

Click at the image to get a larger version 

I spend much of my free time in Blender. A free software program for creation of 3d art, buildings, avatars, etc.
In Second Life, I, fortunately, a couple of years ago, found a sim where Build off World belonged. Here were  Rottin and Graham, who have built a friendly gathering place, where people interested in 3D building can meet and exchange experiences.

Click at the logo to get a link to the place in Second life 

There will be small building contests. The purpose of the building is primarily to challenge ourselves and improve our skills. As well, as a vital part, to help each other. We are given a topic. Examples can be as up to this Christmas, "Santas toy factory." Other items have been "Your store," "Tudor houses," "Harry Potter" and much more.

The fun of these competitions is to see how differently we perceive these issues, and many amazing buildings and interpretations created. Graham and Rottin arrange, with different ranges, lectures or teaching respectively. Architecture and building in Blender.  Everyone is welcome from super start level to high-level builders with years of experienced.

When I started, I could just barely rez a prim, and to Blender, I have only sporadically been introduced to. With the help of especially Graham and Youtube videos, (well ok, and then maybe added many hours of exercise and a healthy dose of stubbornness), I managed to produce several different buildings.

See more of my buildings on the 3D building page