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3D-build of november

Few hours in the late evenings I participate in two contest by Little Blue and Dreams.
We have to build our interpretations of "My Winter retreat", and "Home for holidays".

I have created my retreat as an ice hotel from North, and my home for holidays - I wanted to make different from most - so it is a home for fish and mermaids ūüôā


Dandelions- and drops

Then suddenly it is autumn - with clear blue skies and sunshine .... and sometimes  windy weather, clouds and dark mornings.

I still try to be outside as much as possible, as it is especially there, I can gather energy for the dark of the coming winter.

Rainy weather does not have to be bad weather. Rainy rain, or just after a rainforest, it's perfect for hunting drops and finding new worlds in the macro universe.

I had for a long time planned I would learn to photograph drops in dandelions .. but thought I had to wait for next year.

But the other day, when I was just going on a quick little walk, there were four dandelions. , Back after the camera, then hours went on to photograph dandelions and drops from many different angles. Here are a few examples ... more coming over time. 


Macro photographs

Then the summer break is over. It¬īs a typical day again, and it's time to partly work, partly to soften life with a little creativity.
It's been a long time since I've had a chance to photograph, so I took both my DSLR camera and my iPhone camera with me on vacation. I did not get photographed as much as I wish, but a few shots were made.
Flowers have always fascinated me, so here are some macro pictures of some of the flowers I saw on vacation.

More photos here 

Chapels and castles

Build off world ... I love the group .. or rather the people who keep this group alive: Graham, Rottin, Meg, Logi ... and all the beautiful, creative people who occasionally join a competition. At present, it is Rottin who begins a contest by holding a presentation about an architectural age. We have learned about the Renaissance style of building in Florence, and in this regard, we should build a chapel in Renaissance style.
My build is above. 

I won a prize for the best interior:
Her you can see how I did it:

Read more here : 




A Definition of sensuality: The enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual pleasure.

I try to express sensuality in my photos/pic. The soft, refined, sensual sexuality that is far from porn and more direct expression of sex. The form that is appealing to the senses and wakes them up.
I'm trying to stick to monochrome photos (although some photos sneak into colors). But most of the time, I think the monochrome is better for expressing moods and emotions.

You can see more of my photos here : 

I have moved to a new place in Second Life where my gallery is .. and have changed my logo in the same way. Come and have a look at the pictures there   



Tadao and Calatrava

In the building group BOW, we do have two brilliant teachers. Graham, who is the King of Blender and know how to prepare the buildings to Second Life, and Rottin, who teach us about architecture, and give us enormous challenges,when he wants us to join competitions, where the task is a building inspired by the original architect.

The two latest contests have been with inspiration from first: The minimalistic Japanese architect Tadao Ando .  ( Link to Wikipedia: ).  He is known for his use of natural light in his buildings, and he intends to let people experience the nature through the architecture.

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My Happy Place

Another month is is now springtime, even it is not every day here in the northern Europe we can feel it. Outside it is raining, and it is under 10 degrees.

So still possible to spend time in front of the computer, and try to improve my skills in 3D building and photographing.
And that I have done, even not by writing posts to my blog.
I have been joining a couple of building contests, one in the group Dreams, and one in the group BOW.

Read more here : 

Washerwomen At Roubine Du Roi Paul Gauguin 1888

What is this?

In the group Dreams in Second Life, there are many activities. Unfortunately, (for me) is most suited US time, so much of it, I can¬īt be involved. But in between, there are building competitions that take place over several days (weeks), and then a European also can contribute. The theme of this month was to choose a 2D image from RL and then build it up (with primarily prims) in 3D. We could use 110 prims / LI.The picture we had to choose might be anything, a theme from a fairy tale, from a famous artist, a cartoon or picture from RL.

I had first selected an image from the Swedish archipelago
but when I was half finished, I had already spent too many prims (apparently). So… I deleted it all over again, and found a picture of Paul Gauguin (you see it above) .... read on:

The seven sins

Lust  (click on the photo to get a larger version)

In many years I have thought about to do something creative with the theme "The seven sins."
So now, when I practice photography in Second Life, here was an opportunity to make some photos with my avatar, and try to express "The Seven Sins.
It took time ūüôā Each final photo has cost me 1-2 evenings in Second Life, many many pictures, and 1-2 nights and lots of layers in Photoshop.
I¬īm quite happy with the result. Some pictures I¬īm more happy with than others, but all in all, I think it works.
Here are my photos:

3D building _04: Collage and falling water

The music og nature ( click at the photo to get a larger version) 


There is a reason why I am not a fashion blogger ūüôā
It has been a busy month both in my RL and in my more creative life in the virtual world.
I have participated in two building competitions.

One in the group  B.A.D .where you can build with sculpts and prims. Here was the subject "Collage". I won a second prize --the supposed something with nature's music.
You can see collagen above.:) 

In the Building Group BOW is Rottin back after a long break. He has kept a lesson in architecture from the theme Fallingwater- house.

Fallingwater is a house built between 1936 and 1939 of a waterfall in southwest Pennsylvania. Frank Lloyd Wright, America's most famous architect, designed the house for his clients, the Kaufmann family. It instantly became famous, and today it is a National Historic Landmark.

        The real Fallingwater house 

We had  14 days to construct a house inspired by this house. Either try to imitate it or at least to be inspired. Waterfall under the house had Rottin listed for all of us on the building platform.  We can build in prims, sculpts or in the mesh.

It was a tough task. It is a complicated house, and it was not easy to read the blueprints. But in all circumstances: A fun challenge and about 12 -14 in world builders participated in the competition. Here is my humble contribution.

Click at the photo to get a larger version 

I know not yet the result of the competition, and, in fact, it is not so important to win. Now I have at least got a chance to replace my current home in SL ūüôā