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My Happy Place 

Another month is gone...it is now springtime, even it is not every day here in the northern Europe we can feel it.  Outside it is raining, and it is under 10 degrees.So still possible to spend time in front of the computer, and try to improve my skills in 3D building and photographing.

And that I have done, even not by writing posts to my blog.

I have been joining a couple of building contests, one in the group Dreams, and one in the group BOW.

In Dreams, we had to build "Our happy place."  In my RL we often, in the summertime, are going to sail in the archipelago in the northern Sweeden. I love that very much, so I was choosing a photo from one of my favorite places. It was 5 or 6 years ago, and the first time we brought our boat, a catamaran Hobie Tiger to Sweeden.

In the middle archipelago, we found a little camping place. It was just open--and not entirely build finished . The owner was there, and some carpenters. They were on their way to building some small cabins to rent. There were a little toilet and just an outside faucet and water hose. And most important the sea and a jetty.  We didn't have to pay much for raising our tent there, so we did. And we stayed there for 14 days. 14 days with the sun and pleasantly warm weather and great wind to sail. Fantastic long days, with long and bright nights. We were so lucky..it is not often we have so much time in the North with really great weather.

So..to come back to the building competition I build that place. I didn't win any prizes. There are so many good and creative builders there, so I didn't have a chance. But anyway, it was my happy place, and I had some days with wonderful memories

Tomorrow I´ll write about the competition in Bow.


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