3D building _08

Chapels and Castles

Chapels and castles :

Build off world ... I love the group .. or rather the people who keep this group alive: Graham, Rottin, Meg, Logi ... and all the beautiful, creative people who occasionally join a competition. At present, it is Rottin who begins a contest by holding a presentation about an architectural age. We have learned about the Renaissance style of building in Florence, and in this regard, we should build a chapel in Renaissance style.
My creation is above

I won a prize for the best interior:
Here you can see how I did it:

And her the ceiling in the dome:

The latest competition …here we learned about medieval English castles and towers. And the task was to build a tower in this early medieval style.

I wanted to make a copy—or almost a copy of the Conisbrough –castle tower:

Look at the real tower here : 

 I had much fun to build this tower, and I had not so much fun to make the stairs inside…but I was lucky, and they become quite ok.

The judge may have liked my build too…bcos I become a winner in this competition together with two other builders. I feel a bit proud.

Here is my build: 

And here few pictures from the interior:


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