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Tadao and Calatrava

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In the building group BOW, we do have two brilliant teachers. Graham, who is the King of Blender and know how to prepare the buildings to Second Life, and Rottin, who teach us about architecture, and give us enormous challenges,when he wants us to join competitions, where the task is a building inspired by the original architect.

The two latest contests have been with inspiration from first: The minimalistic Japanese architect Tadao Ando .  ( Link to Wikipedia: ).  He is known for his use of natural light in his buildings, and he intends to let people experience the nature through the architecture.

Rottin had arranged the platforms with high gray concrete walls, and in between those, we had to build our creation inspired by this building:

Many made a model after this photo.

The winner of the competition had built an excellent model of Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

I tried to make my interprenation of a modern minimalistic house with the light, and nature included almost in the rooms as the most important. And of course by using mainly concrete and glass.

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I like my house a lot..would like to live in it, but yes maybe it was a bit too much my interpretation. No prices to me, lol, but yes, as usual, I learned a lot of new things, and most of the house is  created in Blender.




The next contest was an almost impossible challenge. Rottin introduced us to the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava (Link to Wikipedia)

He is a structural engineer and architect, and a very visionary one. He has constructed several fantastic, fabulous buildings, and bridges placed all over the word, even mainly in Europe.

We should create a meeting, welcome, and information center to BOW. We would be judged out from the common criteria i.e. building skills, realistic measurement, realistic looking as in RL, and also this time the WOW-effect.

It was a tough challenge, and many of the usual builders didn't join this time.

Let me just say that: I was not the winner. The winner building is absolutely a deserved winner. His buildings are always very correct almost to perfection (hmmm it shouldn't wonder if he was a kind of engineer in RL too…or at least like a lot of mathematics and that kind of things) ..but anyway, he made an information center, of wich BOW, can be very proud. ..Unfortunately I haven´t a photo of the building right now..but as soon I can get one.I ´ll show it here.

Well…this contest gave me several gray hairs, and I had three or four different models before I was a bit satisfied with my choice.In the end, I was most inspired by this shape from the Lyon Airport Railway Station, Lyon, France

For the first time, I have built all in Blender..all are in mesh. And I learned to use the curves as a fantastic tool to make round shapes. The mirror modifier, the spin modifier and the array modifier, I have used a lot too. I think, I never can be so perfect to build as the winner of this competition…I think I´m a bit more an intuitive builder. I can´t sit down and make sketches, measurements and things like that… ( to be honest, I find it very tedious ) ..My buildings are developed while I build…spontaneous … so…hmmm...-

Ok..here is my build..and to be honest..I´m quite proud of it. Not the winner..but with a kind of wow effect ( If I were the judge I would give it a very high WOW effect level) ( lol- forgive me, please :))

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