3D building _05

Washerwomen At Roubine Du Roi,  

by  Paul Gauguin 1888

What is this?

In the group Dreams in Second Life, there are many activities. Unfortunately, (for me) is most suited US time, so much of it, I can´t be involved. But in between, there are building competitions that take place over several days (weeks), and then a European also can contribute.

The theme of this month was to choose a 2D image from RL and then build it up (with primarily prims) in 3D. We could  use 110 prims / LI.
The picture we had to choose might be anything, a theme from a fairy tale, from a famous artist, a cartoon or picture from RL.
I had first selected an image from the Swedish archipelago but when I was half finished, I had already spent too many prims (apparently). So… I deleted it all over again, and found a picture of Paul Gauguin (you see it above) .... 

I have never tried to shape people by using the prims, so it is/was a big challenge. Since I had spent too many prims on my first attempt, I did my best to count the prims, so I continually knew how many.

When I was done, I had spent 105 prims. For safety's sake, I asked Robot to count. He told me that I had 186 prims on the parcel! Ush, ush ,ush ,I did not understand a pawn! But it meant that I had to examine how those darn prims was.
It gave me the knowledge of at least three new ways to check up on my prims 🙂

In the edit circle, one can click twice "more "to finally pick inspect, and then produces a window where you get all the information about the owner of the subject, creator, and creations date.


Inspect object 

It gives no information about how many prims / LI you have used, but it gives you an overview of what you share in.  And you can make sure that you have not gotten used something that someone else has created. (Can be substantial in competitions where you can only use something you have created and where it is not allowed to use anything you have prefabricated.)

If you must be in control of your prims, you can in the toolbar find the bottom called "search area" (the lower section of the image), click on it and a window pop up. Here you can search your avatar name, and get a list of the things you have in the parcel /the area, and how many prims it counts.

Area -search for object 


Prim count window 

And ups..here I could suddenly see that I had 186 prims. Some of them were referred from my first building project, and I could see it was part of the landscape I had built. When I clicked on them, they become highlighted, and then it would indeed be easy to find.

Highlighted object 

But...the problem was that there was indicated that the thing was 12 m away. And no matter how I moved the cam or my avatar, I could not find the thing. Frustrating!

But luckily a friend, Kit, become my rescue. She discovered that I had buried the things. They were somehow ended up inside the grid. (How I have carried me along with it, please don´t ask :)) But in any case, by using "cmd, shift, R" (in windows "ctrl / shift / R" a wire frame come on the screen, and I could see my building elements into the ground.


I could not get hold of them, but Kit had the power to return my things to my "lost and found" folder.

Phew, I was happy again, and great thanks to Kit. Now fit my 105 prims on my interpretation of Gauguin's picture. And here it is:

click on the picture to get a larger version 

click on the picture to get a larger version 

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