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I spend much of my free time in Blender. A free software program for creation of 3d art, buildings, avatars, etc.
In Second Life, I, fortunately, a couple of years ago, found a sim where Build off World belonged. Here were Rottin and Graham, who have built a friendly gathering place, where people interested in 3D building can meet and exchange experiences.

Click at the logo to get a link to the place in SL

There will be small building contests. The purpose of the building is primarily to challenge ourselves and improve our skills. As well, as a vital part, to help each other. We are given a topic. Examples can be as up to this Christmas, "Santas toy factory." Other items have been "Your store," "Tudor houses," "Harry Potter" and much more.

The fun of these competitions is to see how differently we perceive these issues, and many amazing buildings and interpretations created. Graham and Rottin arrange, with different ranges, lectures or teaching respectively. Architecture and building in Blender. Everyone is welcome from super start level to high-level builders with years of experienced.

When I started, I could just barely rez a prim, and to Blender, I have only sporadically been introduced to. With the help of especially Graham and Youtube videos, (well ok, and then maybe added many hours of exercise and a healthy dose of stubbornness), I managed to produce several different buildings.

One more image from Blender -tools to the factory Click at the photo for a larger version 

The factory from outside Click at the photo for a larger version

The inside of the factory under progressClick at the photo for a larger version

For the moment my house in SL. I won a competition in SL with this building                                Click at the photo for a larger version

My contribution to the RLF for life castle building in 2015Click at the photo for a larger version

A mausoleumClick at the photo for a larger version

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