Digital painting _02, Vegetation

Wow, I love this one!

I work through different tutorials step by step to improve my skills in digital painting.
I learn so much of this matte painting.

I use my photographs as inspiration for painting textures. Once again opened the eyes for especially light and shadows, color shades, lines in the landscape and composition at all.  

I was not aware that there were so many options and tools in Photoshop. And I'm still only able to use a fraction. I also learn a lot of shortcuts, although I can not make them all work on my Mac Book Pro. Where do I find for example the square braces on my keyboard? I have googled and googled - but without seeing a response that has got the shortcut to work.

Well, but the joy of sitting and painting and learning new, completely overcomes this little frustration.My first landscape paint ever, in photoshop, you see above