Mesh head and body

So I did it. I invested in a mesh head, and few hours after also a mesh body.

Long ago I switched hands and feet of my classic avatar to Slink mesh hands and feet.
I have long time considered whether I should get a mesh head or not. But when Bento was current, and several options to use facial expressions,it became even more attractive. But it's still lots of Linden to spent, so I hesitated.

But since I started photographing my avatar to learn how to use the camera, I've got more desire to decorate her with make-up and tattoos. And frankly, the add-ons to mesh heads are awesome.
Sooo .... I decided to buy a Catwa head. I got it installed, and I also supplemented it with few add-ons. But ... suddenly, .. yes, I thought that I could just as well jump right  into it and switch to a Slink mesh body too.

And what a difference. Better shape, better skin, and my body suits my hands and feet perfectly.
I'm glad I have a Catwa head, but there is a little bit of challenge to get the texture of the neck to be in the same tone as the body. I found some tools to fix it..but I´m still not quite satisfied with the result, so I´m still working on it. 

Now wait a lot of work ahead of selecting the clothes I want to keep and bring Slink addons. But also a lot of fun to adjust my avatar, and give her the personal look I want, so she reflects my personality 🙂